On Thursday, April 11, 2024 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, the Student Council is planning to host an event geared towards building community among the various P2G sites in Brooklyn, while allowing students and their families to show pride in their cultur-al background and heritage. This event is called a Multicultural Day of Celebration and will be held in the Gymnasium of the Bedford Stuyvesant Complex (otherwise known as Marcy Avenue).

During this event, various student groups will prepare a booth that will demon-strate aspects of their ethnic culture. This will include, but not limited to food, music, dance, clothing, customs, national flags and language.
Each student and/or guest that visits will enter the Gymnasium, will receive a “Pathways Port” (passport), and will visit the various countries represented at each booth. During their “stay” (visit) at each “country” (booth), their “Pathways Port” (passport) will be stamped and they will learn about the rich cultural heritage of that country. Visiting students and guests will be guided to each “country” and will get a glimpse of the world outside of their own.
The Community School District 79 office will assist our Student Council with this endeavor by providing supporting funds and guiding us through the planning pro-cess. The Multicultural Day of Celebration will help strengthen our school community boroughwide by helping us reimagine student’s educational experience; scaling, sustain-ing and restoring what works; and engaging families and communities and supportive networks to become our true partners. The key concepts are among the four educational pillars to which Chancellor Banks aspires for all of our schools.
A special thanks to Ms. Sims (Morrow), Ms. V. Smith (Marcy), Ms. Clother (Marcy), Mr. Hill-Dozier (Schermerhorn) and Mr. Haggerty (Red Hook) for providing support to our student leaders as they plan this great event.